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Contract Baby

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Layla Powell agrees to be Keenan’s surrogate without hesitation. They have been best friends since diapers and she isn’t one to back down from a problem if she can offer a solution.

What was that her friends keep saying? She shouldn’t carry the child of the man she’s been in love with for half her life? Well, there is a solution to that too…she just hasn’t discovered it yet.

Keenan Myers’s entire future fell apart with one word: terminal. His beloved wife is dying of cancer and all their dreams of the future would have gone with her until his best friend, Layla, offers to give them one back. The tiniest hope restored, Keenan feels like he can breathe again, until he wakes one morning to find his wife gone, having fled rather than let her love watch her die.

Keenan is shattered and needs his best friend more than ever but how can she be there for him now that she is determined to move on.

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Not My Baby

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Some women are hired for their looks… Sydney Campbell wasn’t one of them.

Unbeknownst to her, Sydney Campbell is hired because CEO Grayson Carter believes she has no chance of turning his incorrigible son’s head. Aiden Carter is young, handsome, and set to inherit his father’s billion-dollar company. He also has a habit of dating his assistants.

But Sydney has as much time for rumors, taunts, and bad reputations as she does for relationships, love, and babies.

As in none.

She has her own demons to battle, a father who relies on her, and a plan that says working for Aiden Carter is just a stepping stone in her climb to the top of the marketing ladder.

She will not date Aiden. She will not fall in love with him. And she will most certainly not have children with him… right?

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When her best friends ditch her for her big Las Vegas birthday weekend, Aliyah King plucks up her bravery and hops on that plane alone.

Aliyah has earned some time away after enduring nothing but relationship and baby talk from her friends, and demands and complaints from her mother.

She is going to leave sweet, timid little Aliyah behind and have some fun. Maybe a little too much fun. Maybe wake-up-next-to-a-complete-stranger fun.

Wait? What?

That last one was more than she bargained for and Aliyah scurries back to Bridgeport with nothing but a name and personal vow never to see that man again.

A great plan until she realizes she did not come back from Vegas alone. Now with a baby on the way, Aliyah must decide if she’ll have the courage to love the Billionaire she just met, or if she’ll let secrets, lies, and ex-fiancées tear them apart.

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Goddess of Love

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Love is never easy, especially when she lives in your head.

Andra Demos’s life was thrown into a tailspin when her eighteenth birthday ended with an ancient Greek goddess possessing her.

But if she thought the whirlwind would stop there she was sorely mistaken.

Forced into an arranged marriage by Zeus, present-day Andra now lives her life in Olympia with a husband that does not love her, but a god that does. Good and kind, Hephaestus is there for the young matchmaker despite Aphrodite driving everyone else away.

That is until a desperate and final act by her husband, Kal, takes Hephaestus from her too.

A good little host would accept that Fate must eventually come for them all, but in a world where myth is reality, Andra decides to go after the goddesses of Fate instead.

Amid scheming gods, centuries-old plots, and a town against her; will Andra discovery the true love and destiny awaiting her, or will a quest for vengeance send the young host into a darkness from which she will never return?

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Fallyn Briggs

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Fallyn Briggs has spent most of her life within the pages of a book and now she is thrilled to have the opportunity to invite people into the worlds she creates.

When she is not writing sweet romances, she is traveling, eating too much cheesecake, and thinking about writing sweet romances. Join her newsletter to keep up with the crazy life of this writer.